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Are you considering filing for divorce? Get answers.

Filing for divorce can be a fairly simple matter when the two parties agree on the major issues, or a very stressful and complex process when there is a great deal of contention and the communication has broken down. How your divorce will "play out" will be impacted by how your case is handled by your Lakewood divorce lawyer.

At The Law Office of Rachel S. Cotrino, the attorney takes action to try to achieve a compromise without the need to go to trial, whenever possible. Through the process of mediation, there is the possibility of getting these issues on track, and avoiding the stress and uncertainty that can be part of any court proceedings. Should a trial be necessary, it is extremely important that your attorney has committed the time and energy to your case you will need to present a persuasive argument. The Lakewood divorce attorney at the firm takes on divorce cases with full determination to protect the rights of each client, and to pursue their objectives within the restrictions of state law. How your case is presented to the court can have a big impact on the final outcome of your case, should it be necessary to litigate.

New Jersey Law and Divorce

One of the issues of greatest concern to parents is their children. Where they will live, who will pay child support, if anyone, and how visitation will be worked out are all important matters that must be resolved. In child support, the court follows guidelines issued by the state. These guidelines will greatly affect the outcome of any child support issue. The court considers the following:

  • Child support is a continuous duty of both parents;
  • Children are entitled to share in the current income of both parents;
  • Children should not be the economic victims of divorce or out-of-wedlock birth;

When both parties are making an income in a similar range, and share parenting duties, there may be no child support awarded. Each case is unique and must be determined on an individual basis. In matters involving the family home, the court will usually not order one party to leave the home until the divorce is final. It can be advantageous to get these matters resolved out of court, rather than force a judge to make a decision about who will continue to live in the home. There are many possible solutions for this problem, including a settlement in which one party pays off the other for their interest in the home, or other possible types of resolutions to division of property. When there is a great number of assets, including bank accounts, stock accounts, properties and other assets, these can become complex issues. If one party has a history of secrecy with regard to financial matters, it could be necessary to engage the services of a forensic accountant to find assets that may have been hidden or illegally transferred. The attorney at the firm has the knowledge, skill, and resources to address the most complex financial matters in divorce, and can assist you immediately.

Whether you are considering a legal separation, are worried about child custody or visitation, or whether you are eligible to get spousal support, the firm can assist you. The lawyer will carefully evaluate all financial matters to determine the best approach to resolve asset and debt division, with your interests as the focus in the actions taken. She can also assist with support & custody modifications, matters related to parental relocation, establishing paternity, and take action to protect you legally if you are facing a threat of domestic violence.

It is extremely important that you have legal support from an attorney that is personally committed to you and your future, as well as your children. At the firm, you will be given the full attention and focus of the lawyer, and everything possible will be done to pursue the most favorable resolution to all the critical issues in divorce. Call the firm today for more information.

Get legal representation from The Law Office of Rachel S. Cotrino for high quality, aggressive counsel in divorce.

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