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Howell Divorce Lawyer

How State Law Impacts Divorce in Howell, NJ

Any divorce proceedings in Howell will be impacted by state law. Although legislators do their best to find an equitable solution to complex personal problems, this is a difficult issue and there is a wide range of case outcomes, most often affected by the skill of the Howell divorce attorney representing each person. It is imperative that you have highly qualified and insightful counsel to determine what should be done in your case, as without it, you could lose certain assets or advantages. At The Law Office of Rachel S. Cotrino, each case is given the dedicated focus and care that is necessary to protect your legal rights under state law.

Court decisions about equitable distribution of assets and debts can vary widely; there could be a settlement in a onetime payment, payments over many months or years, or property sold and the profits split between the two parties. It is advised that you get help from the firm before filing, so that these issues can be fully evaluated before the court gets involved. In most cases, reaching an agreement through mediation, with no need for a trial is far superior. The compromises are reached with the agreement of both parties, and these agreements are often better for all involved, including the children.

Protect Your Rights

When a trial is necessary, due to the inability to resolve all the issues in your divorce, such as child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and asset and debt division, there must be great care taken in crafting the case to present in court. At the firm, the lawyer will carefully analyze the situation, and can call upon respected experts to provide evidence to support the argument for the client in court. These experts could include forensic accountants, child experts and others, depending upon the actual details of your case. The degree of supporting evidence can have a significant impact on the final court decision, as well as the ability to present a persuasive argument to the judge in court, and the firm does it all.

Divorce Lawyer Serving Howell, NJ

The attorney also offers insightful and professional counsel in legal separation, to ask the court for support & custody modifications, address matters involving parental relocation, paternity, and get the legal protection you need if you are threatened with or have suffered from domestic violence, either currently or in the past. When you retain the services of the firm, you will have a trusted attorney with a great deal of legal skill and insight into all family law matters, New Jersey law, and how to best present a case or resolve issues of contention in mediation. You are likely already under great stress, and the attorney will do all possible to bring these matters to a close in the most effective manner.

Get legal representation from a Howell divorce lawyer at The Law Office of Rachel S. Cotrino for counsel you can trust to personally care about you, your case and your future.

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