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Hamilton, NJ Divorce Attorney

Diligence, Compassion and Experience

When you are faced with the difficult decision of filing for divorce, you need to make sure your rights are protected. Speaking to an experienced, qualified and aggressive Hamilton divorce lawyer is critical to ensure that you are protected throughout every phase of the divorce process. The Law Office of Rachel S. Cotrino provides comprehensive family law services in the Hamilton, New Jersey area, representing clients with diligence, authority and compassion. Attorney Rachel Cotrino has built a reputation in Hamilton and surrounding communities as an aggressive, knowledgeable, and fierce advocate for her clients.

If you are in need of guidance and representation, do not wait. The choices that need to be made early on in the process and the preparation for family law court are vital in reaching your goals and expectations.

Full Service Family Law Firm

Whether you are seeking representation for divorce proceedings or any other matter related to family law, Attorney Rachel Cotrino has the experience needed to ensure you maximize all aspects of the law in your case. She has aggressively represented clients in matters of asset and debt division, child custody, domestic violence, mediation, paternity, prenuptial agreements, relocation, spousal support, and support and custody modifications.

Divorce Lawyer in Hamilton

When any marriage comes to an end, there are several points of contention that arise during the divorce proceedings. When children are involved, the decisions during the divorce are absolutely critical to the well-being of the children. That being said, you need an attorney on your side that will fight rlentlessly for your children to ensure they have the only the best possible situation as they go through this difficult transition in their lives. Attorney Rachel Cotrino is happy to discuss your situation at any time.