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Common Questions About Divorce

Divorce proceedings are often extremely complicated, very involved and emotions tend to run high. There are disputes to resolve, agreements to settle, property to divide, and if children are part of the marriage, you will have child custody and child support issues to work out. What started off as a happy marriage between two people in love, can all of a sudden become a long, drawn-out court battle. An experience d divorce lawyer can help alleviate some of the stresses associated with divorce proceedings.

Divorce Lawyer Serving Jackson, NJ

Attorney Rachel Cotrino has spent many years representing clients in all aspects and phases of their divorce cases. She has also helped numerous clients make support & custody modifications to their divorce settlements. She is experienced with mediation procedures and knows what it takes to resolve disputes by engaging in earnest negotiations. She works diligently to advise her clients of all available options and aggressively fights to help them accomplish their divorce goals.

If you have questions about, or wish to file for divorce, you are advised to contact Jackson divorce attorney Rachel Cotrino at her law office as soon as possible. In the meantime, she understands you may have questions, so has provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What are some of the issues that may need to be resolved in my divorce proceedings? No two divorce cases are the same. Each divorce case is different and because the martial and financial situations are different, each one must be handled in a unique manner. Some of the main issues that you may need to address and resolve include: child custody and support, visitation rights, spousal support, asset and debt division, and more. Attorney Rachel Cotrino will be able to advise you on your legal options and help you determine how best to proceed with your divorce.

What is spousal support? Is it only for women?

Spousal support is the specific amount of money, authorized as part of a divorce settlement, which is paid from one ex-spouse to the other. There are various factors involved in determining spousal support including both parties' current income, assets, debts, obligations, quality of living, which party will have custody of the children, and more. In this day and age, both men and women have been awarded spousal support, it simply depends on the circumstances surrounding the marriage and the parties' marital lifestyle.

How much will it cost to have you represent me? Each divorce case is different. The cost to the client depends on various factors including whether or not negotiations or mediation are required, if multiple court hearings need to take place, and more. For a better idea on the cost of your case, contact The Law Office of Rachel S. Cotrino, LLC so that Attorney Rachel Cotrino can review your specific needs and answer your questions further. We always have concern for our clients' finances and offer our services at reasonable rates.

Does who is at fault in a divorce have any bearing on the outcome? Generally speaking, in the state of New Jersey, fault does not have any significant bearing on the outcome of a divorce case. While there are various grounds for getting divorced that are fault-based, there is also a no fault-based divorce. In unique cases, the court may consider the grounds when they are determining spousal support, child custody or child support. If domestic violence was involved, then that may affect the outcome of the divorce.

How long will my divorce take? Divorce proceedings can last for a few months or may continue longer than a year, it all depends on the factors that must be negotiated, how long it takes to come to agreements or work out settlements, and more. When children are involved, both parents must agree to a parenting plan and decisions need to be jointly made regarding the welfare of the children.

Benefits of Hiring a Jackson Divorce Attorney

Filing for divorce is difficult enough, but when not handled properly, divorce proceedings can become a nightmare. That is why you need an attorney who is not only familiar with divorce law, but one who has the compassion and commitment to see your case through. You want an attorney who will work aggressively to achieve the most positive outcome, all the while keeping your best interests in mind.

Attorney Rachel Cotrino is that attorney.

Starting out as a law clerk, mediating disputes in the Superior Court of Ocean County, Attorney Rachel Cotrino was able to develop the skills necessary to optimize outcomes in tough interpersonal settings. Through her hard work and dedication, she has helped guide many clients through their divorce proceedings. It does not matter if your case requires very little negotiation, or if it results in multiple mediations and court hearings, she is there to fight for you.

If you have further questions about divorce, or need legal representation to file for divorce, contact a Jackson divorce lawyer at the law office today.